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İMPULS DIŞ TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ Türk, who is expert on Import- Export- Home Trade – Transit Trade is a Kazak partner company. Since it was founded, our firm has adopted unconditional customer satisfaction as a principle. With our expert staff who have qualified overseas and home, we are proud to serve you as a solution and business partner OUR MISSION Is to fulfill and satisfy the needs of our valuable customers home and abroad with the principles of quality, affordable price and on-time delivery. OUR VISION; Is to prioritise the benefits of our customers perpetually. To be a a solution and business partner who serves fast, economical and with good quality and to maintain the trust of our customers.

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Nuts, Air Filter, Air Filters, Textile Products, Filters, Oil Filters, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Screw, Auto Spare Part, Industrial Oils, Nut, Anchorages, Fuel Filters, Union, Auto Filter, Auto Spares, Auto Spare Parts, Industrial Oil, Truck Filters, Textile Product, Bus Filters, Auto Filters, Reeds, Hydraulic Filters, Screws, Rondels, Anchorage, Textile Material, Unions, Lining, Textile Materials, Hydraulic Filter, Filter, Linings, Polyurethane Air Filters, Separator Filters, Dust Collector Filters, Wind Turbine Parts, Wind Turbine Connection Parts, Union Nuts, Emsize E5, Emsize E14, Textile Wachs, Reed, Sizing Chemical, Flat Reed, Dual Reed, Air Jet Reed, Water Jet Reed, Performance Type Filter, Polyurethane Air Filter, Separator Filter, Dust Collector Filter, Stabbing, Union Nut, Auto Spare, Construction Machine Filters, Bus Filter, Truck Filter, Rondel, Water Jet Reeds, Flat Reeds, Air Jet Reeds, Air Compressor Filter, Air Compressor Filters, Construction Machine Filter, Cylinder Bandage, Cylinder Bandages, Dual Reeds, Erosion Filter, Erosion Filters, Heavy Duty Machine Filter, Heavy Duty Machine Filters, Klüber Oil, Klüber Oils, Lining Pad, Lining Pads, Marine Engine Filter, Marine Engine Filters, Mobil Oil, Mobil Oils, Performance Type Filters, Polysaccharide, Polysaccharides, Sizing Chemicals, Stabbings, Wind Turbine Connection Part, Wind Turbine Part

Established Date: 2009  Tax Office: Mudanya  Tax Number: 4740378681  Staff Count: 1-5  Export Specialist: Mustafa KIROĞLU